About The Author
I am a mum of two, currently working as a School Business Manager in a special needs school for children with autism and associated learning difficulties.  Whilst I love my job and all its challenges, I had always felt that something was missing - until I started writing.  I moved to Devon in 1998, and my love of the Devon and Cornwall coast became an inspirational backdrop to my writing.  My first home here was a small, very leaky flat with a balcony that faced out to sea.  I would either sit on the balcony and write, or grab my notebook and head for the coffee shop on the seafront, filling my weekends with scribblings and observations.

I actually started writing my first book, Thomas Grey & The Lost City back in 2000, but it sat on my shelf for 14 years before I decided to dust it off and take a second look.  The book was based just west of St Ives in Cornwall, in a beautiful spot called Zennor, although the adventure does cross the globe to Tibet as it follows my love of travel and fascinating destinations.  I finally released this in June 2015, with the help of talented local artist, Chris Bradley .

Through re-writing and editing The Lost City, more ideas began to flow, and I soon had my second book, Thomas Grey & The Scarab Enchantress waiting in the wings.  As you would expect from the title, this adventure spanned from Cornwall to Egypt and was inspired by my previous visit to this amazing country and the ancient treasures it holds.  I released the darker tale of The Scarab Enchantress in November 2016, and I am hoping that the third, Cornish-based book, Thomas Grey & The Smuggler's Cave will follow in late 2017.  I say 'hoping', as a small writing challenge I undertook in September turned into my first entry (and WIN I might add!) into NaNoWriMo.  A simple idea for a Dragon-led fantasy short story turned into a full-blown novel of over 50,000 words within the space of 30 days - and Dragon Rise was born!

Dragon Rise is my first outing into a slightly older market (teen/YA), and was initially planned as a standalone novel.  However, my head rapidly filled with more ideas as I reached the end of Dragon Rise, and now it is lending itself to be one of twelve!!!

As well as editing and submitting Dragon Rise, and writing the sequel, AND writing the third Thomas Grey book, I am hoping to spend twelve months using my writing to raise funds for twelve worthy causes (see my 12 Charities in 12 Months page for more details) - all whilst working full-time.  It looks like 2017 is going to be a busy one!!