Thomas Grey & The Lost City (Book 1)
Wrenched from the comfort of his average life, Thomas has to leave behind everything that is familiar when his family inherit Foxwood Hall, and he makes the move from Dorchester to Cornwall.
However, Foxwood Hall is not all it initially appears to be.  The house has a life of its own, and is waiting to reveal its hidden secrets. As secret passages and curious artefacts are uncovered, something else is disturbed. Frightening, unwanted visitors begin to creep from their hiding places during the night, wreaking havoc as they go.  Behind locked doors rooms have a life of their own, and with a mysterious arrival, Thomas knows his life will never be the same again.
As discoveries are made, and strong bonds of friendship forged, Thomas's family embark on a quest to Tibet to finish a hunt started by his Uncle.  Myths and legends unfold in the mountains of Tibet as the unlikely adventurers head underground, where an almighty shock awaits them.  Can the group be saved by an unlikely rescuer?  Enter the trail to find out ...
"Beneath the old house something stirred.  Agitated and restless, awaiting his master’s return.  Stale smells of rotting fish and decaying seaweed permeated up through the cold, damp walls of the ancient sea caves, as wisps of early morning sea mist wove their way through the dark rocks, grasping like fingers at any surface they touched.
Back and forth, back and forth.  The creature paced uneasily."
"BRILLIANT!!!  I just want the next one in the series now.  Children (and adults) will love it ... a real page turner."
Kerry, Swindon
Thomas Grey & The Scarab Enchantress (Book 2)
As Thomas lay in his bed, agitated, he prayed for the bliss of sleep to greet him quickly.  His nights had been full of disturbing visions of late, and he knew who was causing them.  After a restless, miserable two hours, through stinging eyes, sleep finally took Thomas in its grasp.  It was then that he heard the rain.  A gentle pitter pattering sound.  Only it wasn't rain, and quickly the sound grew closer.  Thomas tried to move as he felt something disturbing the blankets at the end of his bed, but his whole body was heavy and being pressed down into the bed by an invisible force.  An icy chill gripped Thomas's throat, stopping him from screaming out in terror.  Next came the scratching of tiny claws, starting around his toes and rapidly moving up past his ankles to climb his legs.  Then his arms.  Then his body.  The last thing Thomas saw was the swarm of shiny black beetles as they moved in a cloud to smother his face.
And then he was falling.  Being pulled deep into their world.  Her world.  She was calling him again.
"The silence closed in on Thomas as he lay motionless, not daring yet to open his eyes or breathe.  He thought could still feel the weight of the beetles, but there was no movement.  It could just be his imagination now.
He strained to listen for any sound over the pounding of his own heart, which echoed and pulsed through every inch of his body.”
Thomas Grey & The Smuggler's Cave
(Book 3)
Will Thomas's explorations have tragic consequences this time?  Sometimes adventures can be costly ...

The caves beneath Foxwood Hall hold many secrets of smugglers past and Cornish legend, but will Thomas be brave enough to take on the history beneath his home?
The 3rd installment of Thomas's adventures coming in 2019 - keep an eye out!